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I'm based in Hampshire but I work with clients all over the world. Wherever you are located please call to discuss how I may be able to help you. In this virtual world location is no obstacle.

Choose a web design company or go with a freelance web designer? To be honest there are benefits to both but as I'm in freelance work I'll put the case for choosing me. One of the reasons companies opt for a freelancer is because it's more cost effective than hiring a web design company or an agency. With these you are of course paying

for their staff salaries, holidays, pensions and all their other overheads - not least the cost of their premises.

A huge reason for picking an individual is attentive personal service. There really is nowhere to hide if you work for yourself and it sharpens your mind to give 110%. One bad step or a duff report and you could be out of business.

At an agency you may be one out of many projects, but if you choose me you'll find that I take the time to offer a great service, high standards of design and friendly enthusiam.

Testimonial ...
After spending several months trying to build my own website and not getting anywhere I typed web design in Gosport into Google and Gethyn Jones web design was at the top. It has to be one of the best business decisions I've made. Within 7 days my site was up and running and within 4 weeks I was climbing up Google and the enquiries started flooding in. So a very big thank you to Gethyn.

Mark, Elite Wraps.

Testimonial ...
Credit where credit is due - all my search terms were previously returning page three, four or five on Google. Not bad at the time I thought ..
But now they all return on page one - so well done and thank you from Wenlock Basin Houseboats in North London.

Rick S, London.

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I'm an independent freelance web designer who survives on a good reputation; this keeps me very competitive ...



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